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== Run Doom Builder 2 and create new map ==
All should be set now.
Please continue to [[Creating new map]] to test your setup.
== Run DreadTool ==

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This page is still under construction - much of the information is still to be filled

Setting up the DreadTool

In order to get up to speed with mapmaking and asset creation for Dread, carry out the following steps.

Download the SDK

Download the Dread Mapmaking SDK from the link:

  • [link to be posted later]

Extract all files from the ZIP to a directory of your choice.

Install Doom Builder 2

Download and install Doom Builder 2. At the time of writing, its download page is:

Please install it according to its installation instructions.

Install custom game definition for Doom Builder 2

Find a Configurations directory in the Dread Mapmaking SDK and merge it with Configurations directory of Doom Builder 2 software. The KK_Dread.cfg file should reside next to the Doom.cfg, Doom2.cfg and other game configurations. The Includes subdirectory should also be merged with Doom Builder 2 Includes subdirectory in the process.

When all is set, Doom Builder 2 should show the Dread game configuration in the dialog after picking New Map option.

DB2 Dread game config box.png

All should be set now. Please continue to Creating new map to test your setup.