Advanced mapping tricks

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Dread maps special tricks

Faking variable sky height

You can force different walls of the same outdoor section to render with different heights. This can be used to simulate e.g. large building on one side, surrounded with lower fences on the others. Variable height stacks of boxes are another example (warning: you won't be able to see above the boxes).

There are two ways of doing that:

  1. Fake sector - any sector with floor texture set to F_SKY1 will be removed by the converter.
    If such sector has floor height equal to 64, 96 or 128, the outer lines of the removed sector will draw the lower texture up to the specified height.
  2. Linedef action - set linedef action to 104 or 106 (TX Front facade height ##px) to force wall height to 64 or 96 units.

Implementing doors