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Run Doom Builder 2 and create new map

To create new Dread map, follow these steps:

  1. Run the Doom Builder 2 and click the New map button.
  2. Select KK (Dread in Doom format) game configuration. Keep Level name as MAP01.
  3. Click Add resource.. button to add resources.
  4. Add resource dialog pops up. Select From Directory tab.
  5. On this tab, enter Directory Resource folder selector and navigate to where you have unpacked the dreadtool.exe.
    Select the pk3 directory that exists next to the dreadtool.exe.
  6. Confirm the Add resource dialog with OK.
  7. Confirm the Map options dialog with OK.

Now you can start creating your own map. I strongly suggest placing Player 1 start thing at coordinates (0,0) as Dread supports limited coordinate range. Next, create at least two convex sectors - the minimum number required to import correctly in Dreadtool.

Run DreadTool

To see a preview of your map in Dreadtool, please:

  1. Edit the project.cfg next to dreadtool.exe and set map-wad to the path of your WAD file.
    Please use only forward slashes / in the path.
  2. Run dreadtool.exe. Your map should immediately load and convert.
  3. In the toolbar on the right select 3D in the top button row, if not already selected.
  4. In the 3D mode, the second toolbar button row chooses one of the following renderers:
    1. GPU - draws the map using DirectX 9. Can draw item previews, but ignores vertical texture offsets.
    2. Dread - software renderer. Uses vertical texture offsets, but can't draw things. It's my field for experiments, so it might break.
  5. Use right mouse button on the camera view and WASD to move around your map.

You can keep both Dreadtool and Doom Builder 2 open next to each other. Any time you save the WAD file, Dreadtool will automaticaly pickup the changes, which gives near WYSIWYG experience.

Dread maps limitations

The most important limitations for maps are currently:

  1. All floor heights should be at level 0'.
  2. All ceiling heights should be at level 64, 96 or 128.
  3. The light levels supported by default are 128 and 255. Other light levels will be rounded to these two.
  4. All sectors must be convex (collinear lines are OK). Split sector in convex sectors when required (don't worry, invisible lines are free).
  5. Use only the textures contained in the PK3 structure from Dreadtool (you can add textures in Dreadtool and update the PK3).
  6. Watch vertical texture offsets. All wall textures have pink bar at the bottom. Make sure this bar is invisible in the preview or the rendering may draw garbage there.
  7. For floors and ceilings use only flat color textures. Alternatively, use F_SKY1 for ceiling to draw sky.
  8. For walls use only wall textures - the ones with the pink bar at the bottom.
  9. No wall should be longer than 512 units or texturing will break. Split lines with a vertex when necessary.